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Welcome! Join Our Boho Beauties Community!

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Come & join the BOHO BEAUTIES community on Facebook as well!  We are a body positive, PRIVATE group that was designed for Boho Studio Boudoir, for those who have had the Boho Boudoir experience, and those currently interested or planning to be future Boho Beauties as well! Join us & see what we’re all about. This group is here to empower & inspire women just like you!!! Our community is founded on self love & appreciation, as well as overall kindness & positivity! We are an inclusive group that welcomes encouragement & openness. ALL are welcome. We share inspiring & uplifting messages as well as fun & silly games! We want to get to know you & the things you like/don’t like, the things that make you, YOU! We promote body & sex positivity in all things. THAT is what these sessions are about. They are about YOU and the love and acceptance you have for yourself & your body & how we can celebrate that. We'd love to help you enrich the way that you see yourself & have so much fun together! We are all beautiful exactly as we are, so let's learn to love, accept, grow, & celebrate ourselves, together!!! Join us & discover your

Unique Femininity!!! 


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We look forward to meeting you!!!!

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